Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase in Solareum?

You can purchase your SOLAREUM HERE. The minimum purchase is 500 SOLAREUM.

After purchase, How will I recieve my Solareum?

You need to send your ERC-20 (Ethereum) Wallet Address. If you do not have one, you can download the App ImToken on your smart phone. You can also have use MyEtherWallet, which holds your tokens in the desktop browsers.

I am not able to see the tokens in my Wallet Address, why?Toggle Title

If you are unable to see your tokens, check Simply add your wallet address in the search bar and then click on the “Token Transfers” tab. If you do not see the tab available, please contact us to process your tokens immediately.

How can I validate the SOLAREUM ER-20 address?

The fastest way to verify a cryptocurrency address owner, visit

SOLAREUM address:  0x56ee8c9bd1d445a3324ad83e86d8be309db8f85d